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Requirements / Performance

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To run the AllSkeye application you need to fulfill the following hardware / software requirements:


Microsoft Windows Operating System Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (Windows XP is NOT supported)
Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2 or higher (see below for details)


To run the Starlight Xpress Oculus All-Sky Camera:


Starlight Xpress SX Camera Drivers -
The C++ Redistributable Package - please see below for details and links


To run an ASCOM Camera:


ASCOM Framework 6 -
The appropriate ASCOM driver for your camera (from camera manufacturer)


To run a ZWO ASI Camera:


ZWO ASI Camera Drivers -


To run an Altair Astro Camera:


Altair Astro Camera Drivers -


To run a QHY Camera:


QHY Camera Drivers -


To run an SVBony Camera:


SVBony Camera Drivers -


To run Cameras via the INDIGO framework:


Please see here for supported cameras, available drivers and INDIGO server setup:
The INDIGO framwork also needs the Apple Bonjour software installed in the Windows computer to allow net work discovery. If not already installed please also download from the INDIGO website here:



Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher)


Some Windows operating systems (e.g. Windows 10) should already have the correct .NET framework installed however if you find that the application crashes at application start it is most likely due to the framework not being installed. You can download the framework from Microsoft directly:


Web Installer (recommended): Download Link
Offline Installer: Download Link


The web installer is recommended as it will only install the required components based on your system configuration.



Starlight Xpress Cameras - Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package


The Starlight Xpress cameras require the correct Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package to be installed on the computer to work. Normally this will already be present but if not, an error will occur when you are trying to connect the camera. If this is the case you can download and install the package from Microsoft directly. Please note that the requried package depends on the version of AllSkEye you have installed:


AllSkEye Version and above (all new versions):


For 32bit version of AllSkEye:
For 64bit version of AllSkEye:


The webpage these links are copied from is:


For older versions (below


For 32bit version of AllSkEye you can download it from here:
For 64bit version of AllSkEye you can download it from here:





Please be aware that image processing on the .NET platform can potentially be very CPU and memory intensive. It is therefore not recommended to run the AllSkEye application on a computer where high CPU loads can negatively impact other applications or the user experience. The line detection algorithm is particularly heavy on resources and should be disabled if not required.


The application can be set to allow processing of image data on multiple CPU cores (see advanced settings section). Whilst this will speed up the processing time it will also put a greater load onto the computer and maximize the available CPU capacity (and therefore might negatively impact performance of other running programs).


To improve performance you can:


If you have a higher resolution camera reduce the output image sizes for the 'latest image' and/or 'converted images'
Disable image preview if not required
Reduce the number of created images by either increasing the exposure time or by introducing a pause between exposures / running in interval mode
Reduce the frequency of 'latest image' publishing
Disable line detection function if not required
Reduce line detection aggressiveness